Card-Edge Connectors

Datex thumbwheel/leverwheel/pushwheel switches can be supplied with PCB (printed circuit board) spaced to mate with Datex connectors. You may contact Datex for samples.

Provisions for Components

Datex simplifies your wiring problems by providing extended length circuit boards onto which you may solder components such as resistors and diodes. The part number charts accompanying each family in this catalog include the standard switches which can be supplied ready to receive your components. Switches with components factorymounted according to your specifications are available on special order.


Datex is tooled to supply terminals right for your application.

Solder Clean-up

Remove excess solder flux with 40% isopropyl alcohol in distilled water. Other de-fluxing agents may damage switch housings. If you cannot use isopropyl alcohol, contact the


Datex provides many standard combinations of rotation limiting stops to help tailor our switches exactly to your application needs. The stops are simply small pegs which prevent the dial from making a complete rotation. In some models stops can be installed in the field; in others, only at the factory. See specific product entries for details.


With or without flange
With solder pins or solder lugs